Group Classes

Registration begins now and will continue until classes are filled.

Classes run from October 5, 2013 through May 3, 2014. Graduation Dinner and Horse Show Saturday will be held May 10. There is a maximum 2 children to 1 team leader during ground training and 1 child to 1 team leader when riding.

Children will learn how to ride and work with horses and to incorporate strong leadership skills: i.e., compassion for animals and others, listening skills and communication, learning in a positive and safe environment how to be a team member.

Just Horsin' Around5–6 year olds$25.00Saturdays 9-10 AMMills Farm, Apex
Horseplay7–10 year olds$60.00Saturdays 10-12 PMMills Farm, Apex
Horse Crazy11–14 year olds$60.00Saturdays 1-3 PMVintage Stables, Apex
Hearts and Hooves*Couples$100.00Saturdays 5-7 PMVintage Stables, Apex
Parenting Class*Couples$100.00Saturdays 5-7 PMVintage Stables, Apex
A Class Just for Women*Women$100.00Saturdays 5-7 PMVintage Stables, Apex

*contact us for details on class schedules, registration, and babysitting.